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Philemon's Problem : a theology of grace

Outline: In this unique work the author uses the ancient story of Philemon and Onesimus as a compelling entry into modern theological reflection on the unbelivable reach of the grace and forgiveness of the Father whose Son died without disciples, rose to reconcile and transform them, and then scattered them around the world as men and women who were now also able to love those who loved them not - and transform them too. According to the author, in order for the faith of Philemon and Onesimus to cope with Paul's imperative, they required an inspired imagination to take in the notion that the Father love sinners (i.e., all of us), and he neither would not could do otherwise. For Philemon and Onesimus to undertake such a relentless love themselves would require frighteningly new convictions, new commitments, and new celebrations. First published twenty-five years ago and now extensively rewritten, this book tracks across the spectrum of Christian thought - from doctrine to ethics to worship. The author's provocative theology of grace demostrates the profound insight that the Father of Jesus is not an aggrieved god in need of sacrificial appeasement but a God we are unable to alienate. The author also argues that the church's mission today, just as it was in Philemon's day, is not to ffer a privileged avenue into God's favor, but to offer the privileged insight that God can have no attitude but favor.


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